четвер, 27 квітня 2017 р.

Visitors from Norway

       We are always waiting for great meetings with our old friends from Norway. They are not only our close friends but our sponsors and supporters. We apreciate this very much and are always greateful for any help given to our school. Besides, meeting people who speak English is a perfect chance to practice the language. Harald Vagene, his wife Kristin Vagene, Ivar Storseter, Bjorg Farestveit, Aud Lillian Grindheim visited our school this time. Harald Vagene was at our school several times before. This time they brought to us 9 second hand laptops tp be used at school.
Thank you very much for your help!

English Conference "The European Union"

English Conference "The European Union" united a lot of students and teachers from mostly all of the schools of our town and Kremenets Lyceum to prepare and discuss the questions on this topic. Content speeches and interesting presentations were given by all the participents.

1.    The symbols of the European Union.     (School #5)
2.     The history of the EU. (School #7)
3.    The EU member countries. (School #1)
4.    Money and the European Union. (School-Gymnasium)
5.    The European parliament. (School #6)
6.    The Court of Justice of the EU and the European Court of Auditors. (Kremenets Lyceum)
7.    The European Council and the Council of the EU. (Gymnasium #2)

At the end of the conference the resolution was made and the certificates were awqardet to each school.

четвер, 16 березня 2017 р.

Meet and Greet

A lot of positive emotions and laugh! We had a great SKYPE SESSION yesterday (15March 2017). Thanks to Mr. Theobald’s ideas and interesting questions our students were really exited and enjoyed the event so much. Due to modern technologies we can easily communicate with people living thousands kilometers from us. That’s gives our students an opportunity to learn about other countries and life of people there, their culture, traditions and customs.

My students and I are happy to have such good and reliable keypals as SPPCS from Waterloo, IL, US.

середа, 4 січня 2017 р.

Christmas Holiday Skype Session

On the 14 December students of the 7-A grade enjoyed Skype session between Dubno School #5 and SPPCS,Waterloo, IL. They gladly spoke about some traditions of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine and the USA, sang songs. recited poems and had a lot of fun. The Peace Corps

 volunteer Mathilda Nassar joined the session and found it very exciting,

понеділок, 7 листопада 2016 р.

 Mathilda Nassar Visited the School

The Peace Corps volunteer Mathilda Nassar visited Dubno CS School #5 and observed some lessons today. As she said she had positive firs impression after talking to students and teachers. Mathilda was satisfied with the students' level of English and heir enthusiasm and openess.

неділя, 6 листопада 2016 р.

Welcome to Dubno

The Peace Corps Volunteer came to Dubno yesterday to meet host family, school staff and students of our school. Today, on the 6th of November some English teachers organised for our new friend who will soon start teaching English at school, an excursion to Dubno castle. And the host family invited us for dinner at their place. 

Everyone enjoyed very pleasent day and evening. We are looking forward to meet her at our school to intoduce to students and teachers. 

середа, 26 жовтня 2016 р.

Skype session

 Skype Session

Today, on the October 26 at 16.50. p.m. (Ukrainian time) and 08.50. a.m. (Waterloo, IL, USA time) students of the 7th grades from Dubno Specialized CS #5 and SPPCS from Waterloo had Skype session. Children were able to see and to talk to their penfriends. They discussed similarities and differences comparing the information they had previously got on the emails. 
Everyone got a lot of positive emotions and excitement.
Modern technology helps a lot to build bridges between people from different countries all over the world